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County Kilkenny Historic Sites: View Historic Sites Map

Site Name (map reference) - description.

C 3Aughaviller Round Tower - 30 ft. high (stump) with early church adjoining.
C 2Baunriach Summit - 1,035 ft. high summit overlooking the River Barrow valley.
C 2

Black Abbey - Dominican abbey in Kilkenny city, founded by William Marshall, A.D. 1225.
D 3

Brandon Hill - 1,694 ft. high summit with view of Graigunamanagh and St. Mullins.
C 2Burnchurch Castle - built by Maurice fitzGerald about A.D. 1215.
B 3

Callan Priory - Augustinian abbey founded by William Marshall the elder about 1215, and the priory later founded by James Butler in the 15th century.
B 1Carn Dubh Moat - reputed burial site of Lughaidh Mac Con in the 2nd century.
C 2Caves of Dunmore - beautiful formations of stalactite and stalagmite.
C 3Disert Castle - Norman structure with adjoining ancient church.
D 3Duiske Abbey- Cisternian abbey founded in 1215 by William Marshall.
B 3Dunamaggin High Cross - 5' 4" high freestone cross.
A 1

Fertagh Priory - Augustinian priory founded by the Blanchfield family in the 13th century.
A 1Fertagh Round Tower - 100 ft high limestone tower.
B 1Foulksrath Castle - probably built by the Anglo-Norman Purcell family.
C 2

Freestone Hill - a hilltop fort dating to the 4th century with a Bronze Age cairn at its center.
A 2Freshford Church - see St. Lachtain's
D 2

Gowran Castle - originally built in 1385 by James, 3rd Earl of Ormonde. Rebuilt in 1415.
D 2Gowran Church - founded about 1215 A.D.
C 4Granny Castle- an early Anglo-Norman manor of the Le Poer family.
D 3

Inistioge Priory - Augustinian priory founded by Thomas fitzAnthony about 1215 A.D.
C 3

Jerpoint Abbey - Cisternian abbey founded in 1158 by Donnchadh Mac Giolla Phadraig, King of Ossory.
C 3Kells Priory - Augustinian priory founded by Geoffrey fitzRobert in 1193.
C 3

Kilfane Church - founded around 1200 A.D., the church contains a stone effigy of a Norman Knight.
C 2

Kilferagh Church - ancient Celtic church founded about the 11th century. St. Fiachra's well is nearby.
C 2

Kilkenny Castle - beautifully restored castle, the ancient home of the Butlers, earls of Ormonde.
B 4

Kilkieran High Cross- two freestone Ossory high crosses, beautifully engraved. Other crosses exist at this site including a 10 ft. high cross.
B 3Killamery High Cross - a 9' 3" high cross on an engraved pedestal.
C 3Kilree High Cross - a 7 ft. high granite cross dating back to early Christian times.
C 3

Kilree Round Tower - 98 foot high limestone tower, with granite doorway, intact to the 6th story.
C 3

Knocktopher Abbey- Carmelite abbey found in 1356 by James Butler, earl of Ormonde.
C 3

Leac An Scailc Romleac - Bronze age burial place including an enormous capstone resting on three huge upright stones.
B 4Owning Church - founded in the 13th century, known for it Gothic doorway.
B 1Rathbeagh Moat - supposed burial place of Heremon, son of Milesius.
D 4

Rosbercon Abbey- Dominican abbey founded by the Grace and Walshe families about 1267 A.D.
C 2

St. Canice's Cathedral - beautiful Hiberno-Romanesque structure founded in the early 13th century.
C 2

St. Canice's Round Tower - 100 foot high, 10th century tower next to the cathedral.
C 2

St. Francis Abbey - Franciscan abbey founded around 1231 A.D. by Richard Marshall.
C 2St. John's Priory - Augustinian priory built about 1325 A.D.
A 2

St. Lachtain's Church - beautiful 12th century church with Hiberno-Romanesque porch and doorway.
C 2

St. Mary's Cathedral - A Gothic cathedral consecrated by Dr. Walshe, Bishop of Ossory in 1857.
D 3St. Mullin's Church - in Carlow, dates from the 7th century.
C 2Sheestown Church - see Kilferagh.
C 3Sheepstown Church - ancient Celtic church.
A 2Suidhe Fhinn - probably a Bronze Age burial site, once containing a great cairn.
C 3

Thomastown Church - founded by Thomas fitzAnthony in the early 13th century.
Tory Hill (C4) - 966 ft. summit with view of Waterford city and harbor.
C 2

Tullaherin Round Tower - 100 ft high tower partially fallen at the top with an old Celtic church adjoining.
B 4Tybroughney Castle - built in 1185 by Prince John of England.